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She’s so pretty but she but doesn’t always act that way
Her mood’s out swinging on the swing set almost every day
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As my ipod went missing with the moving out of Anthony, an upgrade I made.

With a little donation to help fight aids & a convenient match to my treasured bikini for summer 2008 my new lover, Mr. Miyagi arrived from China today. Happiness abounding I skipped & twirled for the FedEx driver I see nearly daily. I can't tell you the amazing feeling it gave me. It's not just the ipod... it's the fact that I BOUGHT myself this ipod. I bought my last one & thought it was a big deal - but this one - Mr. Miyagi was big girl money. A recovery of a ripped off heart. As I sit here listening through the buds in my ears I have a nice contrast of memories. The Doobie Brothers being summers in Florida with my grandma. At 8 I was a big deal- the tool of which allows it to play - my independence - a really big deal.

Maybe too much to make of an ipod
I had no idea it would effect me so greatly ;)

Karate Kid's Mr Miyagi was of course from Okinawa which I realize is in Japan and not China... but it was either 'Mr. Miyagi' or "Ching Chong Fong" & I need to put some effort into being little PC these days.
18th-Apr-2008 10:03 pm - In 2 months
So, I'm an adult now.

Anthony & I broke up & he moved out the day before my birthday.
I fell back in
but am finally free.
It's been a month &we've talked maybe... 4 times....?
I feel amazing.

I've lost 5lbs.
Dumping the chef helps.
10 more to go
I'm running everyday
&doing crazy diets

Yesterday I registered &paid for the GRE
I bought the practice book
applied to GradSchool (just UTC)
&paid the fee.

I've saved $1500 in 2 months
&my mom & I discussed my getting an apartment today

The job is perfection
though now that taxes are over
my hours will be cut down.
I just realized I never mentioned the job.
Quit the bookstore to take a job as the receptionist at the accounting firm my mom works at
I get paid 3x more than the bookstore
&my last two paychecks were 5x.

I'm ready for a change. I think that's why I'm finally ready for grad school. looking at apartments and trying to lose weight.

I really like being by myself lately - at least in the romantic sense. I'm aching for someone just the same but I'm really enjoying alone time.
28th-Feb-2008 08:56 pm - Pillow Talk.
WHEN: 3am
WHERE: in bed
WHO: Me & Anthony

ME: Oh my god. I just realized my birthday is 2 weeks away. Thats so sad.
ANTHONY: Why is that sad?
ME: It's the end of my childhood!
ANTHONY: Um, baby, you've graduated college twice, you work 8-5 everyday, &your boyfriend lives with you.... your childhood is LONG GONE.
22nd-Jan-2008 09:59 pm - I'm slow
A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".


1) I know my mom loves me more than anything but I start to doubt it if I don't HEAR it. I doubt everyones love for me if they don't constantly verbally reassure me.

2) My absolute pick me up is dancing around my room in a tank top, panties, and tube socks.

3) Sex is the greatest thing to do in the whole world. My boyfriend worries he can't do it as often as I need. :)

4) I've watched Days of Our Lives religiously for the past 6 years. It plays constantly in my room thanks to TiVo. I do everything with it in the background.

5) I want to bake more. I'm actually a very good baker I just lie to be that cute domestically challenged girl.

6) I constantly worry I'm not doing enough to better the world.

7) I have over 100 pairs of shoes but only wear the same 10.

I tag....

This is my draft apparentlyCollapse )

Life has been very great as of late. Anthony &I are doing great. Though seeing as it is now in written word, it has the chance to explode. Nevertheless. All came out with my mom she had a talk with him on the way home from my graduation dinner. They had lunch Christmas eve and she's allowed me to spend time with him pretty much whenever I want. Tonight he and the kids are coming over for Family dinner. Pretty much a ginormous deal.

He gave me my christmas presents yesterday! Our christmas presenting got all thrown off both of us poor he wanted to do it Thursday because we both got paid which I originally agreed to but then went against since I was working 9-5 &would have no time to actually deposit my check &buy gifts. THEN we decided to do it tomorrow since he's bringing the kids to my house for dinner to meet my mom &brian (big step - much like meeting the parents! :) but when I saw him today he said he was excited to give me my presents &didnt want to wait so I told him not to! Just thinking about him ya know?

Anyhow, He got me the AMAZING giant framed Gone With The Wind poster that I don't even remember telling him about, a bible because I whine that everyone else at church has a bible but me. So he said if I come to church with him I am now expected to bring my bible :] plus its a dark pink color with flowers on it. I got a beanie &glove set that match my new favorite sweater, a red sparkly bag, a nice frame that holds a few pictures, &Where he gets most of his amazing points: A black sparkly dress that is EXACTLY my size. 1) he didnt know my size 2) its a NIIIICE dress 3) I mentioned it to him once when we were at the mall - &it was a different dress! I am impressed. I was so surprised he got a little offended.

But thats a lot about that. I got him the rest of his presents today. Actually think I did really well. I normally HATE giving gifts because I'm so insecure about it. I picked up a silly cupholder ash tray that has a light when you open it so he can put his cigg butts in there and not continue to throw them out the window &have me jump his ass. Printed the amazing picture of us together &framed it. Picked up some "massage oil" and this super amazing vibrating ring my friend told me about. Bought a nice ipod speaker dock. Not the one I wanted but I think he should still like it. My super cute points I believe are in my sentimental homemade - jar gift. Kind of random but its got little momentos and notes in a jar with little pictures and coupons. If I was given such a gift my heart would probably stop. But then again I'm a big gushy girl.

Graduation came and went. It was very surreal standing in line, seeing my friends, walking the aisle, listening to the Governor of Tennessee, and walking across the stage. Don't feel it last long enough. My part at least. I think 4 years deserves at least 20minutes dedicated soley to me. Nevertheless I had the most important people in my life (for the most part) in attendence and really felt amazing. Somehow the universe was actually in my corner and I had the most amazing and semi-effortless hair and makeup day. Normally I fumble on such important days.

Christmas for me was a huge letdown. Not like any christmas I've had before. The gifts were odd &obviously not thought out from the family. Watching old video of my first 6 Christmases with my mom after all the festivities just reaffirmed it. Not to mention was very tragic seeing a little me excited over presents from "Daddy" that were really from mommy. &Seeing my father hold me my first christmas in a room full of my favorite family members teaching me to rip gifts open and telling my mother he loves her.

Very thankfully, I got to go to Anthony's mothers house and watch his kids open their gifts. I really love them. It's so weird. I can't explain it.

For me, the debt keeps coming. Marco needs $200 in repairs, have a $130 ticket + court costs, and now a $100 (though completely worth it) monthly phone bill. The big girl job was offered to me on my second interview however is now up in the air as I'm only 17 and you pretty much have to be 18 :[ shucks.

Thats enough update for now I do believe. Not that you actually read it or anything.

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